contrast: light & dark, your face in a crowd. (craziebanana) wrote,
contrast: light & dark, your face in a crowd.

i am going to be moving this weekend. moving in with my mom & her bf. in the suburbs. totally not what i was expecting or wanting, but i think it will work out for the best. instead of paying rent, i'm paying "rent" - my mom's gonna put the money away so it's there when i need it.

i mean, it's a really sweet deal, and i recognize & appreciate that.

so now i have to pack pack pack cause she & ed might drive in on thursday to pick up some things. i also need to purge a lot of junk. we'll see if that happens, it usually ends up being more of an undertaking than i plan on... things may just get thrown into "to be sorted" boxes.

anyway, i have successfully bullshitted my way to the end of my day. i'm outtt!

lots to do, i'll try to update more later.
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