contrast: light & dark, your face in a crowd. (craziebanana) wrote,
contrast: light & dark, your face in a crowd.

i feel i need to preface this entry with the following: right now i am so stoned my brain is nearly incoherent. i keep thinking of things to say while hearing the conversation of my bf & his bassist while also hearing the television. my brain is pretty spastic right now, my thought unfocused as if it is scurrying here and there, like a child running around in a big yard.

01. i have decided that when money is not an issue, i will build an association to help the homeless - housing, clothes, some sort of work program. working for the temp agency i'm already on my second assignment off michigan avenue, and i walk 1-2 miles back to a train station most nights after work (cause after 8 hours of sitting i need it!) - seeing all these homeless people, and knowing that even if i do have a couple of dollars in my wallet i probably need it - it breaks my heart.

02. i was too stoned and i lost my train of thought. al needs the computer.
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