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well... things are getting interesting now.

FIRST - i'm getting harassed by some 21 yo mexican ghetto boy who found me on myspace. nice guy, but damnit. texting me at 1am... sending me online messages at 3am... and being more of a whiny bitch than i am! i sent him a couple semi-scathing messages this morning telling him he needs to chill the fuck out. not a big deal, it's not creepy harassment, but it's just getting annoying.

SECOND - got some more film developed last night... a roll i took over a year ago (two even?? i can't remember), but the film was old.expired even when i shot it... one turned out really well, but the other 3 didnt (& some of those were even new film, bought new & just taken like 3 months ago!). but... the one roll was really interesting, there's only 5 shots, and 2 of them are like... quadrupile.infinity exposed. there's so many images overlain that it just looks like a mess. but a really cool, awesome mess! :)

THIRD - THIS IS THE BIG ONE - mom & i were talking last night... it started as a slightly heated discussion, she was questioning all my trips back to peoria in the past few months, and how before i rarely went at all... (umm hello, all i have to say is "al"). anyway, it also got to be about me going back to school, and blah blah blah - point being, she suggested that i look into moving back to peoria & going to bradley. ...!!! what?!

so i have a lot of thinking to do and looking into things to do and some biiiig decisions to make. but maybe...? i can always still come visit the city, i know. i just never really thought of it as an option. i live in chicago now. moving home always seemed like giving up to me. but with all the changes i'm making in my life, maybe it's time to change the way i think about that, too.
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